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Floodplain Management Update - Effective 7/1/2020

New Inspection Process See Page 2 of Inspection Information Contacts - Effective 4/2/2020

New Electronic Permitting Procedures - Effective 4/8/2020

New FEMA Elevation Certificates
- Effective 2/21/2020 

Residential Pool Application Process Update - Effective 1/1/2020

TCO Request / Extension - Effective 10/1/2019 - Includes furniture letters

Land Development Code - Effective 8/6/2019

Impervious Surface Calculation Worksheet - Effective 8/6/2019

New Florida Building Code 6th Edition (2017) - Effective 12/31/2017

CO/CC Updated Procedure and Form - Effective 12/01/2017

These links will direct you to various permits/forms required for building in Cape Coral or for other activities.  

Building Permits

Online Building Permit Services Apply for selected permit types; Pay for permits; Check the status of permits and plans; and schedule inspections.

Video - Getting Started with Online Permitting

Inspection Information Contacts
 - Includes Inspector's Contact Information

Commercial Building Permits Calculator (New Construction and Addition)

Residential Building Permits Calculator (New Construction)

Garage Sale Permit
Please review the Garage Sale ordinance under ARTICLE III: Section 3.21 before conducting a garage sale.

Boat / RV Permit  Apply for a Boat / RV Permit to park your Boat or RV.  Both Residential and Non Resident permit types are available.

Temporary Storage Permit  Apply for Temporary Storage (POD).