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The second pass of debris removal is in progress. Hurricane debris placed curbside after the second pass will not be picked up and will require compliance with the normal Waste Pro pick-up guidelines.

The public drop-off site for hurricane debris is closed. Once the site is safe for public access the City will offer free mulch to the public. PLEASE NOTE: THE FREE MULCH IS LARGE CHUNKS OF MIXED VEGETATIVE DEBRIS AND IS IT NOT THE SAME QUALITY OF MULCH THAT CAN BE PURCHASED FROM LANDSCAPE  STORES FOR DECORATIVE PURPOSES. Further details will follow. 

Please note the debris storage sites used by City contractors are not open to the public.


To expedite debris removal in residential areas, we are asking residents to please comply with the following:

  • Place debris curbside for collection crews ensuring that it is not in the roadway.
  • Keep separate piles for vegetative debris and construction debris including building materials.  Appliances should also be in a separate pile.
  • Do not place bagged yard waste in your debris piles.
  • It’s important to know that mixed piles will not be picked up.
  • Please be patient. Your street will eventually be cleared of debris.

Residents should continue to follow their normal schedule and guidelines for Waste Pro pickup of household trash, recycling and non-hurricane yard waste. It is important to keep landscaping items for Waste Pro separate from hurricane debris.  

The debris pickup map illustrates where crews are currently working and where debris has been picked up. It is too difficult to accurately determine when your storm debris will be picked up because the number of crews can vary day-to-day as does the equipment. 

DEBRIS REMOVAL IN CANALS:  Debris removal began in the canals the week of Oct. 9 and is expected to take approximately three months to complete. Residents are advised to avoid boating in canals until all debris is removed due to possible obstructions under the surface of the water that may not be visible and could cause damage to vessels.

For FEMA reimbursement purposes, Waste Pro will only be picking up non-storm related yard waste in accordance with the guidelines.

BOATING SAFETY: Residents are advised to avoid boating in canals until all debris is removed due to possible obstructions under the surface of the water that may not be visible and could cause damage to vessels.

POOL SAFETY: Having a barrier around a pool is a requirement to prevent drowning and now there may be hurricane damaged fences, screens and/or pool cages that pose a danger. Code Compliance is giving people a reasonable amount of time to address hurricane related repairs, but life safety issues will be addressed immediately.


The City of Cape Coral urges residents to follow the instructions below to search for licensed contractors online or call the City’s Code Compliance Division at (239)574-0613 to verify whether a contractor has the appropriate licensing prior to signing any contracts and/or paying for services. 

To search for a licensed contractor online please use the City's eTRAKIT database.
1. Select "Search Contractors" under the "Contractor" menu option.
2. In the "Search By" drop down menu choose license type or company name.
3. Leave "contains" in the search option.
4. Enter the license type (e.g. plumbing, roofing) or the company name in the empty search box and click "Search".
5. THE CONTRACTOR'S STATUS IS ONLY CURRENT IF THE STATUS COLUMN INDICATES ACTIVE. If the status column is any thing other than active the license is NOT current.

**EXAMPLE: To search for a licensed contractor for seawall or other marine repairs/improvements enter "marine" as the license type in the empty search box**

To report an unlicensed contractor performing work in the City of Cape Coral, call (239) 242-3873 or send an email to

HURRICANE IRMA PERMIT FEE WAIVERS: Resolution 190-17, adopted by the Cape Coral City Council on October 3, 2017, temporarily waives base permit fees for permit applications related to repairing or replacing seawalls, pool enclosures, fences, sheds, roofs, or electrical systems damaged by Hurricane Irma submitted between October 3, 2017 through December 29, 2017. For more information, visit the Permitting page on the City's website.

FEMA ASSISTANCE: For disaster assistance from the FEMA, individuals can register online at, use the FEMA app or call (800) 621-3361. Applicants will receive a unique number once registration is complete. The registration number should be saved.  For information about what to expect after you register online click hereThe registration deadline is Nov. 24 for FEMA assistance.

SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (SBA): Individuals, renters, businesses and HOAs may qualify for low interest loans for seawalls and other hurricane related repairs. Register online at The registration deadline is Nov. 24. 

SEAWALL DAMAGES: If you have seawall damage, please register for FEMA assistance and consider a low interest SBA loan. Next to insurance, an SBA loan may be the best option.  

MORTGAGE ASSISTANCE: There may be mortgage assistance available to homeowners who have been impacted by Hurricane Irma. Each lender is different. Contact your mortgage company for relief options and specifics. For more information, visit the 
Federal Housing Finance Agency.

NORTH 2 UTILITIES EXTENSION PROJECT (UEP): The City extended the prepayment period for property owners in the North 2 UEP to prepay assessments and capital facility expansion charges with no added interest costs. The initial prepayment period is being extended to October 31, 2017.  The “second” prepayment period will begin November 1, 2017 and continue through July 31, 2018.  Property owners can prepay any assessments or capital facility charges during this period; however, interest costs will be added to the assessments.