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Public Records Request

Custodian of Public Records - Kimberly Bruns, CMC - City Clerk.  Phone: (239) 574-0411 Email:  City Clerk Email Address

Public records requests are handled by the Records Management Division of the City Clerk’s Office.  The designated Public Records Manager for the City of Cape Coral is Lynne Jennings.  Staff provides citizens with access to public records and maintains the official files of the City of Cape Coral.  They will research records requests for the citizens. 

Records are available on microfilm, imaging, hard copy and CD/DVD.   Examples of available records include: residential and commercial building plans, permits and applications, City Council and Boards/Committees minutes, ordinances, resolutions, and City-owned property deeds.  Maps, reports and plans provided by other City departments can be obtained.  

Charges for the documents may apply, so please contact the Records Division if you have any questions.  Records Division Email.   Or you may call us at 239-574-0411.

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